New and Updated Features

  • ToC in ReportBook

    In R1 2017, you'll get further developed auto generated ToC to support a book of reports so that one aggregated contents table gets added to the beginning or the end of the report book.

  • Tooltip Interactivity

    Interactive capabilities of the report viewer controls are extended by allowing a tooltip to be displayed on hover over any report item or graph/map data point.

  • ReportBook Design Support

    ReportBook is updated to support report sources and to enable report books authoring inside the standalone report designer.

  • Advanced PageNumber and PageCount functions

    Built-in PageNumber and PageCount functions to reset the page number and count on any page based on the data.

  • Collapsible Page Sections

    We've extended paging flexibility by changing the behavior of the hidden page sections so that their space to be accommodated from the rest of the report content. This will allow report content to match on less pages and avoid any gaps.

Interactive Demo Reports

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