New and Updated Features

  • Built-in Report Table of Contents

    Create Table of Contents that are fully interactive in all Report Viewers and navigation-enabled to particular listed items. ToCs are interactive in both exported PDF and Word documents.

  • Custom Interactivity Actions

    A new custom action and handlers enables you to invoke custom application logic. For example, clicking a textbox could show a dialog that allows you to edit the text, save the changes and refresh the report afterwards. You can also implement tooltips based on the report item data context and custom UI.

  • PDF Security

    PDFs are the most commonly used type of documents in business and some are intended to be confidential. We’ve built-in the ability to export password-protected PDF documents. No one can even view the PDF document without the password.

Interactive Demo Reports

Telerik Reporting

Create interactive, reusable, touch-friendly reports in Visual Studio–or in a standalone report designer–and deliver them to any mobile, web or desktop .NET application.

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