Kendo UI Demos
Web Demos

Web demos

23 slick UI widgets plus demos of MVVM, Validation, Globalization, Templates, etc.

Mobile Demos

Mobile demos

See what you can do on phones & tablets. Make sure to check the mobile simulator.

DataViz Demos

DataViz demos

You won't believe this is just HTML5. Rich, interactive, touch-enabled charts.

Kendo UI tools and integration examples

Kendo UI Dojo

Telerik Kendo UI Dojo

The Kendo UI Dojo is an interactive environment designed to help you get up and running with Kendo UI quickly, no downloads needed. In this in-browser application, you'll be introduced to the basics of Kendo UI Web, DataViz and Mobile through guided tutorials and live, executable samples.

Kendo UI and Bootstrap

Telerik Kendo UI and

Explore how you can easily use Kendo UI and Twitter Bootstrap on the same page.

Preview Kendo UI widgets that are adapted to the responsive layouts of Bootstrap, see how they look and feel with different font size and dimensions.

ThemeBuilder for Kendo UI Mobile

ThemeBuilder for
Telerik Kendo UI Mobile

Quickly modify the styles of Kendo UI Mobile widgets as they exist in your apps with an easy to use standalone tool. The simple and intuitive point-and-click configuration wizard makes it a breeze to transform Kendo UI Mobile themes, providing you with the CSS output for use in your app.

Sushi Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Native UI widgets for building HTML5-powered apps and sites for modern mobile devices. Making your mobile user interface touch responsive and with native look and feel.

Only Webkit based browsers are fully supported.

Telerik's Project Management Software - TeamPulse

Telerik's project management
software - TeamPulse

TeamPulse is an end-to-end Agile project management solution based on Agile best practices. It allows you to capture ideas, manage feedback, requirements and bugs, plan releases and track progress in real time. Integrates with GIT and TFS.

TeamPulse uses the 20+ Kendo UI widgets for its fast and highly adaptable UI. The team leverages Kendo UI's powerful MVVM framework. It reads the data through the DataSources and extensively uses the templates to decouple the UI from the business logic.

Launch Demo

Kendo UI compatibility

Kendo UI


Kendo UI


Kendo UI


Desktop Browsers
Internet Explorer 7 and above 10 and above 7 and above
Google Chrome
Current and Previous
Firefox ESR+  
Safari 5+ (OS X)
Opera 15+
Mobile Browsers
iOS 6.0+
Android 2.3+ (default browser)
BlackBerry OS 10.0+
Windows Phone 8+
Chrome for Android

In Android 2.3 Kendo UI DataViz only works in Canvas rendering mode.

Current and Previous means that current stable version of the browser and the previous one are supported.
(e.g. If the latest stable version of a browser is 21.x, Kendo UI supports the 21.x and 20.x versions.)

Please note that quirks mode is not supported.

Always specify a DOCTYPE on your pages!

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