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SASS Themes (beta)

    LESS Themes

      SASS Theme Builder

      Create new or customize SASS themes
      Launch Theme Builder

      Scheduler / Keyboard Navigation


      • Alt + w focuses the widget

      Actions applied on Scheduler toolbar

      • F10 focuses toolbar
      • Tab focuses next toolbar item
      • Shift + Tab focuses previous toolbar item
      • Enter or Space activates toolbar item
      • Right focuses next view when focus is over the views container
      • Left focuses previous view when focus is over the views container

      Actions applied on Scheduler table

      • Arrow Keys change selected cell
      • Enter creates new event on selected cells / opens edit window for a selected event
      • Tab focuses next available event
      • Shift + Tab focuses previous available event
      • 1 - 5 switch between available views
      • Esc closes the edit popup window
      • Shift + Arrow Keys select multiple cells

      JSP source

      Also available for:

      • selection.jsp
      • SelectionController.java
      • Widget configuration

      Support & learning resources

      Scheduler for other technologies